2014 Summer Storage

Application for Dryland Mooring & Summer Storage

Please submit applications to the Club by April 1, 2014. All boats found on club property (including junior racing and non-racing boats) not registered for summer storage by June 1st, will be assessed a 20% late filing fee on that day. All boat trailers for registered boats must be identified with the owners name clearly marked.

For summer dryland storage, a 10% discount is given for a second (smaller) sailboat that is registered in a LGYC racing fleet and a 15% discount for third and additional (smaller) boats providing they are all registered in a LGYC racing fleet. This discount does not apply to powerboats.

Dryland Mooring for Partial Season:    Monthly is 50% of Full Season – Weekly is 30% of Monthly

  • Assignment of spaces will be determined by location of fleets and best use of space. Requests made for a particular location will be determined first by prior assignment and second by club seniority.
  • Summer storage and movement of personal property on LGYC grounds is at the owner’s risk.
  • All trailers must be identified with owner’s name. Unidentified trailers will be locked and subject to a penalty fee equal to 20% of and including the appropriate storage fee.
  • Members may keep a trailer/boat staged on the property for up to three days. Beyond the three day period the owner will be assessed a weekly fee, per week, until the boat is registered or removed.
  • Boats may be launched any time during the season providing doing so does not conflict with Yacht Club racing, regattas, or Sailing School programs.
  • The “summer season” is defined from May 1 to November 1. Owners understand they may be required to remove boat(s) and equipment from the Club grounds during the course of an approved regatta or event, subject to notification by the Club.    All efforts will be made to rearrange boats rather than remove them from the Club grounds.
  • I am the registered owner of the listed boat(s)/trailer(s) and I agree that only the listed boat(s)/trailer(s) will be stored in the assigned space. I certify the trailer/boat combination is safe to move and further agree to maintain the trailer allowing for movement. I agree that neither the Lake Geneva Yacht Club or the Geneva Lake Sailing School nor any member or employee or guest of either organization shall be liable for any loss or damage that may be caused to my boat(s), trailer(s) or associated equipment while on the Club grounds or using Club facilities. This includes required movement of my boat(s) for club activities by club employees, members, or volunteers in accordance with the LGYC Regulations.

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