June 29, 2015
Fellow Lake Geneva Yacht Club Members:

We continued to make progress during the past week, but there still remains a considerable amount of finishing work to be completed.  Our general contractor assured us on Friday that completing our project is their highest priority.

Building Update
We received our permit from the health department this afternoon, so we can now start up our kitchen operations.  Food has been ordered and we will hold our ribbon cutting ceremony and Independence Day party on Friday, July 3rd. You will be receiving more detailed information very soon.  Until Friday, we will continue to have limited food and beverage service.

Our indoor spaces are receiving the final finishing touches.  Completion of the bar and installation of the numerous counter tops is our main priority with respect to the interior.  Our outdoor seating areas were fully furnished this past Friday.  If you have not been to the facility this past weekend, stop by and check it out.  It is taking shape.  As previously communicated, there will be sections of the building that will need to be shut down so work on can be completed.  We did have to close the bar area this past weekend due to the finishing work taking place on the bar.

Site/Boat Storage
Weather and the related scheduling of our excavating and paving contractors has held up the completion of the paving work.  As of today, rebuilding of the road is scheduled to take place starting July 9thth, with paving to start July 13th, again assuming the weather cooperates.

The sod was laid around the clubhouse this weekend.  That certainly has made a big impact on the appearance and should help to reduce the amount of dirt and mud around the clubhouse.  This will also go a long ways to taking some of the pressure we have had on the runoff issues.   We ask that you please stay off the new sod until it has established itself.

The Village of Fontana has asked us to move the A Scows from their parking lot so as to make those spaces available for the busy holiday weekend.  This will put further pressure on our already challenging parking situation at the club.  Again please bear with us and be aware that we may have to relocate some boats to accommodate everyone. We are storing boats on the East side of the property.  It’s a little chaotic right now and certainly not the cleanest, but we should be able to accommodate all our racing boats.

If you have not already done so, it would be a big help to the staff if you could complete your storage forms so that we can get spaces properly assigned.  The storage forms are available on the website.  Please note your forms can be completed and sent electronically or printed out and mailed.

If we are able to stay on the paving schedule noted above, we will likely cancel LGYC races from July 13th through July 16th.  Racing will resume Friday, July 17th.  We will keep you updated as we get closer to those dates.

The GLSS Dinghyfest Regatta will be held July 6-8th, as scheduled.  Please be sure to stop by to support our junior sailors and fleet.

See you on the water!
​F. Terrence Blanchard
Lake Geneva Yacht Club
Cell Phone: 847-254-1898
email: ftblanchard@yahoo.com