From Pete Strothman:

For those of you who missed it, the racing at the E Nationals on Minnetonka this year was as tight and competitive as it has ever been. A big hearty congratulations to the I-49 team for winning the regatta, and congrats to I-1 and I-2 for sailing superbly as well. Lake Geneva swept the top 3 places, with all three finishing within 4 points of each other. In fact, all competitors in the top 5 finished with an AVERAGE place of 5th or better….typically the bar to clear in order to win a Nationals in any given year.

I-49 caps off the year with the Triple Crown – 1st place at Invite, Inland and Nationals. Also of note, team Harry Melges IV posted a great performance….for the third year in a row. I-1 has finished 2nd place the last three years, including narrowly losing by 1 point in 2014 and 2 points this year. It’s only a matter of time….

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