George Happ Memorial Trophy



George Happ Memorial Trophy


The George Happ Memorial Trophy, which is awarded to the Class X Crew of the Year, pays tribute to a man who generously gave of his time and talent as general contractor when the clubhouse was built in 1969. For a number of years, the facility served as home to both the Sailing School and the Yacht Club. The winning crew is selected by the GLSS racing team coaches and the GLSS director for demonstrating extraordinary leadership. The Geneva Lake Sailing School donated the trophy.


1979 Peter Wall

1980 Heidi Bain

1981 David Wall

1982 David Ditzler

1983 Tom McGreevy

1984 Mary Lyon

1985 Leigh Otzen

1986 Not awarded

1987 Mike Leahy

1988 B. J. Palmer

1989 Cheston Geye

1990 Kurt Kauffman

1991 David Sills

1992 Rob Harring

1993 Rob Harring

1994 David Sills

1995 Martha Littiz

1996 Nathan Quist

1997 Nathan Quist

1998 Corbett Porter

1999 Clifford Porter

2000 Patrick Doran

2001 Danny Hodgman

2002 Grace Porter

2003 Michael Simms

2004 Charlie Morris

2005 Matt Ripkey

2006 Hannah Buddig

2007 Mitchell Lee

2008 Leslie Poole

2009 Mac Six

2010 Hannah Ripley

2011 Kyle Navin

2012 Kyle Navin