This highly maneuverable cat-rigged (main sail only) scow has been the most popular of all the scows over the years because of its versatility. as an exciting tactical racer for 2-3 people, it has plenty of sophisticated gear and enjoys dozens of very competitive racing fleets around the country with many regattas held throughout the season. Yet, it is easily skippered by one and is roomy enough to take a few non-sailor friends out on the lake for a fun afternoon of day sailing.

Fleet Representative: Tom Pomierski





Gerry Millsap

Bruce Cameron



Tow Truck

Family Ties

Michael Lynch

Will Huerth




Red Meat


William Barrett

I-25 Razr James Petersen
I-45 Stormin’ Andy Burdick
I-48 Purple Haze John DeCarlo
I-94   Patrick Hourihane
I-99 Bad News Jim Smith
I-111 Carpe Diem Tom Pomierski
I-113 Springernaken Erick Youngquist
I-251  Candence Paul Wood
I-303   Frank T. Davenport
I-333 Here’s To Frank A. Davenport

C Scow Trophies