Designed, engineered and built by Harry C. Melges Sr. and Buddy Melges during the mid-’60s, the appeal of the MC Scow is as a racing scow that can be sailed single-handed by an average-to-large person in all wind conditions, yet it has room for additional crew for the smaller skipper in a heavier wind or for just taking friends for a ride. With its cat rig (main sail only) and large rudder, it is easy to sail and very maneuverable.

Fleet   Representative: Jeff Brassel

1717 Hawkeye J. R. Galley
1742 Penalty Kill Don Sheldon
1779 Sherzo Paul Wood
1816 Margin Peg Janson
1825 Loose Cannon David Gallager
1988 Freedom Dave Janson
2042 The Good Guys John Zils
2195   Michael Sherin
2222 Deuces de Jour Devin Farley
2232 Brass Tacks Jeff Brassel
2237   Craig Popp
2245   Ken Koranda
2327   Tim Carone
2337  Passage Peg Janson
2341   Steve Hirn
2345   William H. Freytag, Jr.
2366   Hannah Ripkey
2418   Kelly Hirn
2449 Shibumi Jim Phillip
2490 MC=Fun Jim Pyott
2507 ‘B’ Rodney Rieger
2510 a wakin’ Ed Stassen
2528 Special K Jeffrey Neal
2529 Totally Jacked Jack Lakowski
2573 Lolly Pike Laurie Morrissy
2575 Bluejay Jay Jones
2609 Hammer Peter Strothman
2614 Never Give Up Steven Boho
2616   Charles and Malcolm Lamphere
2622 Aries Chris Gannon

MC Scow Trophies