X Boat Fleet

The X or “Cub” boat is the only non-scow that is governed by the ILYA. It is a hard-chined, pointed bow, center-board boat that was designed primarily as a safe and uncomplicated trainer for beginning sailors and racers. Over the years, this same basic design has provided thousands of sailors with their start in the sport and it continues to be the predominant club racer in the Midwest exclusively for boys and girls up to 16 years of age.

Fleet Representative: Julie Navin



Red Wing


James Lyon

Harry Melges IV



Wild Turkey

Lucky 7

Hans Joe Melges

Bo Freytag

I-8 Pirate’s Life Victor Larimer/Christian Karabas
I-11 5 Star Kyle Navin
I-16 Menace Henry Rolander
I-17   Quin Frazier
I-20 World Traveler Kate Crannell
I-25 All In Chapman Petersen
I-59 The Butcher Finn Rowe
I-72 Vondy 2 Brit Vondersitt
I-123   Parker Michel