On June 30th 2019 a major storm ripped across Lake Geneva towards the Lake Geneva Yacht Club. Wind in excess of 50 MPH hammered the southern shore creating havoc on the piers. The east pier at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club suffered extensive damage with 99% of the boards being tossed around.

More than 30 members, neighbors, employees braved the wind and rain to put the pier back together again. This was no small feat, and without the assistance, this fourth of July week may have looked quite a bit different.

Take a look at the time lapse as the storm rolls in, the aftermath, and the rebuild, truly impressive. Thank you to all who helped.

Melges Rowe Red Bull Series

November 2-4 Harry Melges IV and Finn Rowe traveled to Miami on an invitation to compete in this Red Bull youth event. Only 16 teams of the top youth sailors in the US were invited to race in this highly competitive event for ages 16-20. The boats sailed...

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