Goals and Objectives

Create and maintain one of the country’s finest racing sailing facilities.

  • Have a facility that meets the needs of the membership and sailing school for present activities and
    future growth.
  • Have a facility that encourages membership growth.
  •  Optimize use of on water, clubhouse and storage operations.
  •  Manage fiscal responsibilities through a Business Plan.

Create and maintain an institution that has activity and interest for the entire family.

  • Provide a facility and programs aimed at encouraging the entire family.
  • Benchmark other successful family oriented yacht clubs.
  •  Provide non and new member programs and activities.

Create and maintain a deep reserve of qualified, enthusiastic RC volunteers.

  • Have a RC/Judge System that educates and draws from a pool of active sailors, spouses, juniors, new
    members and the power fleet.
  •  Develop a transferable knowledge base of procedures and equipment.
  •  Have seamless communication with the competitors and the fleet council.

Create and maintain a world class level of competitive sailing that is instructional at all levels.

  • Promote competition through mentoring and instruction.
  • Have the ability to coach and train sailors at all levels.
  • Ensure that all instruction is carried out in a fun and enjoyable fashion.

Create and maintain a level of social activity, for the whole family, that supports the enjoyment of the membership and drives the other objectives.

  • Have a social committee consisting of a broad spectrum of members.
  • Organized social events within the community.
  • Encourage reciprocal relationships with area clubs.
  • Drive interactive social activities with the sailing school.