Lake Geneva Yach Club Reciprocity Rules

LGYC extends reciprocal privileges to Yacht Club members of clubs that allow the same privileges to our members.

Reciprocal Members must present either their current Club membership card or a letter of introduction from their Club. Once reciprocity is verified, Reciprocal Members may use the facilities 5 times during the season of Memorial Day to Labor Day. Reciprocal Members may charge restaurant, bar, and clothing and shall pay at the time of purchase by credit card. LGYC does not bill back to the reciprocal member’s home Club. LGYC reserves the right to restrict and to regulate this privilege.

Membership at the LGYC includes the privilege of visiting other clubs that recognize LGYC as a Reciprocal Club. It is advisable that the LGYC Member contact any club they plan to visit in advance. LGYC Members may charge at Reciprocal Clubs and shall pay at the time of purchase.