As the “2014 Big Inland” came to an end, Vincent Porter took the first two vowels, A & E.  The E Class came down to an uncle nephew battle with the elder grabbing a tie for total points, but coming up short on firsts.  Vincent with his crew Clifford Porter, Coye Harrett, and Alisa Freytag, powered on taking two firsts.

Vincent wasn’t the only one proudly representing LGYC this past week, CLICK HERE FOR FULL RESULTS FROM THE BIG INLAND .. below is a quick summary

  • 1-2-3   ILYA class E
  • 3 bullets and places 1, 3, 5 ILYA class A
  • Class C, ILYA 2nd place

To Quote Jane Pegel:

“It is not because we have past champions.

It is not because we will have a new clubhouse.

It is because our members are darn good sailors.”