Fellow Lake Geneva Yacht Club Members:

We have made significant progress on our facility over the past two weeks, both the building and the grounds, but there is a considerable amount of finishing work to be completed.  We did commence our scheduled races on Friday, June 19th, so many members were at or around the clubhouse this weekend. It was good to see and chat with so many of you.

Building Update

Since we have received a conditional occupancy certificate this past Friday, we can now start using the facility as the finishing work continues.  Accordingly, there will be times that we will need to shut down sections of the building so work on certain areas can be completed.  The inside and outside bars, counter tops, furnishings and decorating are part of the “work in progress” stages.  It is expected that the deck furniture will be delivered later this week.

As yet, we do not have the permit from the health department to open the kitchen so we are unable to store food or cook in the kitchen.  After the installation this week of two sets of panels in the kitchen we should be able to obtain the permit by the end of the week.  We are ready to start up the kitchen as soon as we have the permit.   In the meantime, we will have a grill set up outside for burgers and brats.  Wine, beer and soft drinks will also be available.

Site/Boat Storage

The paving work has started, but we still need to remedy the soft spots on the drive from South Lake Shore Drive. We hope to have them fixed this week.  Once the base has been stabilized, we can complete the binder coat.  Weather will be key.  Rain is not our friend.

We are storing boats on the East side of the property.  It’s a little chaotic right now and certainly not the cleanest, but we should be able to accommodate our racing boats.


We are now racing all classes in accordance with the Race Calendar.  The calendar is posted on the website. Sailing Instructions have been sent out via email and will be posted on the notice board on the lower level of the clubhouse.

We are undergoing massive changes in everything that we do.  Our clubhouse is new and our grounds have been totally redesigned which also creates changes.  The Executive Committee is doing it’s very best to work through the changes in a thoughtful manner to best utilize our building and site.  Please be patient as these changes are being made.  We may not get everything right the first time and will need to adjust accordingly. Your comments and concerns are welcome, but I do ask that you address these comments to the members of the Executive Committee rather than our staff.  So, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any member of the Executive Committee.  Thank you for your cooperation.

See you on the water!


F. Terrence Blanchard
Lake Geneva Yacht Club