July 15, 2015


Fellow Lake Geneva Yacht Club Members:

As previously communicated, we were scheduled to be closed through Thursday, July 16 for paving.  We lost some time on the schedule this week due to the rain on Sunday and Monday.  Paving will be starting today, but will not be completed until Saturday morning.  Accordingly, the facility will remain closed Friday and Saturday, July 17-18.  Racing will be cancelled for these two days as well.  There will be no access to the property until Saturday afternoon.  Racing will resume Sunday, July 19, in accordance with the race calendar.  If there is sufficient interest, we will have NFP races for the C and MC fleets on Sunday morning in conjunction with the scheduled E fleet race. Please contact your fleet rep if interested.  The kitchen will be open on Sunday.

With the weather forecasted to be very warm late in the week, the new asphalt will take considerable   time to cool down.  While we expect to have access to the property late Saturday and Sunday, we will need to be very gentle on the pavement.  Please be careful not to turn your steering wheel on your car while sitting still and make sure that trailer jacks are not in direct contact with the pavement.

Please accept my apologies for the further delay.  We are doing everything that we can to get the project completed.

F. Terrence Blanchard


Lake Geneva Yacht Club
Cell Phone: 847-254-1898
email: ftblanchard@yahoo.com