Fall Series Trophy

The Fall Series Trophy was originally a Lake Geneva Yacht Club Class A trophy won in 1935 by A. F. “Bud” Gartz in his A-Scow Big Foot. In 1950, as a memorial tribute to him, his children (Gloria Etzbach, Gail Gaylord, Frederick C. Gartz) donated three of their father’s trophies to LGYC, stipulating that this one should become the permanent property of the Class A yacht winning it in any two annual races. In 1950 and 1952, William and John Perrigo, sailing their Ouisconsin, won what was by then called the Gartz LGYC 1935 Championship Trophy and retired it. In 2009, John Perrigo’s son John gave the trophy to Buddy Melges, who donated it to the Yacht Club as a perpetual trophy for the Class A Fall Series.

  • 1950 William Perrigo/John Perrigo, skipper
  • 1951 Harry C. Melges
  • 1952 William Perrigo/John Perrigo, skipper
  • 2009 John Anderson/Buddy Melges, skipper
  • 2010 Tom Freytag
  • 2011 John Anderson/Buddy Melges, skipper
  • 2012 Chuck Lamphere
  • 2013 Eagle, John R. Anderson/Vincent Porter
  • 2014 No Races
  • 2015 Crews Control, Michael Lynch and Patrick Lynch
  • 2016 Not Raced-cancelled by Fleet
  • 2017 Not Raced-cancelled by Fleet
  • 2018 Not Raced- cancelled by Fleet
  • 2019 Not Raced- cancelled by Fleet
  • 2020 Not Raced- cancelled by Fleet
  • 2021 Not Raced- cancelled by Fleet
  • 2022 Not Raced- cancelled by Fleet