GLSS Simms Family Service Award

This trophy, presented by the John Simms Jr. Family, was donated to the Geneva Lake Sailing School as a perpetual, annual trophy to be awarded to the person or persons the Board of the G.L.S.S. determines is most deserving of recognition for their exceptional service to the school and its ideals.  The name of the recipients(s) are to be engraved for posterity upon a plaque affixed to the trophy base per LGYC and GLSS policies in effect from time to time. Ownership of the trophy shall remain with the Geneva Lake Sailing School.

The trophy, designed and created by Spencer Simms, is made of mahogany and sapele wood comprising a generic sailboat fixed upon a black wooden base

2018: Larissa Lyon
2019: Thomas Freytag
2020: John Holland
2021: Lindsay Valasek
2022: Michael Belsley
2023: Katie Lynch