Holst Cup

In 2004, Donald C. and Merilee M. Holst presented a silver ice bucket on a wood base as a perpetual trophy to encourage competitive sailing, and it was awarded to the winner of the combined spring and fall series of the Sonar fleet. In 2011, it was awarded on the basis of a single race in the spring as there was no fall race. In May 2012, at the request of the donors, the Board of Directors rededicated the Holst Cup to the Melges 24 fleet to be awarded to the winner of its fall series.

  • 2005 Jane Pegel
  • 2006 Don Holst
  • 2007 Don Holst
  • 2008 David Weinberg
  • 2009 Don Holst
  • 2010 No series
  • 2011 David Yarmo
  • 2012 Brian Porter
  • 2013 Steven J. Boho
  • 2014 Steven J. Boho
  • 2015 Steven J. Boho
  • 2016 Steven J. Boho
  • 2017 John D. Simms, Jr.
  • 2018 John D. Simms Jr.