The largest, fastest, and most powerful of all the scows has enjoyed a resurgence in competitive racing since it was retooled in 1979. Although the same basic size and shape as the original 1890’s boats, like the rest of the scows, it is now made of fiberglass and has all the modern, sophisticated rigging and gear needed to make this incredible boat perform and last for years. Clocked at over 25 MPH, this “rocket ship” is not for the novices. It requires practiced crew of 6 to handle this scow – the ultimate boat in scow racing. It is also possible to provide an unforgettable pleasure ride for 8-10 people in this scow.

Fleet Representative:  Michael Keefe

I-1 Eagle Ryan Fitzgerald/Vincent Porter
I-7 Mad Cap Tom Freytag
I-12 G-Force TW Whowell/Taitan Workman/Harry Melges IV
I-14 Crews Control Michael and Patrick Lynch
I-55 Ajax Michael Keefe
I-96 White Magic Charles Lamphere
I-333 Red Eye David Davenport