In 1992, Buddy Melges won the America’s Cup with America3 in San Diego, California. Success for Melges was at an all time high. The America’s Cup Challenge donned a high-tech look and a high performance attitude. In a boat designed by Reichel Pugh, Buddy Melges captured the America’s Cup title alongside of Bill Koch. Their campaign symbolized the last successful defense of the Cup by an American team.

That same December, the Melges 24, also designed by Reichel Pugh, was tested in the snow on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

In 1993, the Melges 24 was officially introduced to the sailboat market. With it’s development and introduction, it set the standard in the high performance, sportboat category. In just four years, the Melges 24 championed the keelboat market by holding its very first World Championship in Torquay, England where 98 boats came to the line. Today the class has expanded to a point where it’s championship fleets regularly exceed 120 boats.

The Melges 24 is by far the most unique one design sportboat in the world and to this day maintains a growing and vibrant class. There is no comparison. The response and excitement generated by this America’s Cup inspired boat is phenomenal.

Typically sailed with a crew of 4, the Melges 24’s comfortable, light-hull displacement design prefers to plane. Its professionally engineered, high-tech stance includes a carbon fibre spar, rudder, bowsprit and vertical keel fin. Another key component of the M24 is a 670 sq ft asymmetrical spinnaker that lifts and pulls the boat forward on a downwind sprint. It adds speed, simplicity and ease of handling giving way to a more challenging tactical race.

This get-up-and-go sportboat package has the ability to facilitate trailering, hoist and ramp launching. With a retractable keel designed specifically for traveling, it fits behind any vehicle and hitch. The Melges 24 possesses an easy to rig personality requiring only two sets of hands for a quick set-up. Weighing in at a healthy 1,783 lbs. (360 kilos), it is lightweight and a pleasure to haul from your local club to a World Championship.

Fleet   Representative: Steven Boho

USA 312 Shockwave Steve Boho
USA 359

USA 443

Blind Squirrel

Clean Break

Danny Crist

Roger Lyon/Pete Wall

USA 495 Blast! John Kivlin and Andrew Wilson
USA 523 Entschuldigen Sie Don Holst
USA 545 Bada Bing Tony Trajkovich
USA 552 Stretch Jeffrey Neal
USA 603 Wicked Feet Thomas Freytag
USA 616

USA 717

Hocus Pocus

American Beauty

Kevin Alcock

John Holland

USA 736

Wild Goose Frank A. Davenport/Jordan Gray
USA 818

USA 849

USA 852

Chaos 24/7

Full Throttle


John D. Simms, Jr.

Brian and RJ Porter

Elizabeth Harned

Melges 24 Trophies