Water Witch Trophy


This trophy, a large Revere bowl, was dedicaed by the GLSS in honor of Ernst C. Schmidt, who won his first Inland in 1914, sailing his Class C Water Witch.  This trophy is awarded to the winner of the annual GLSS Class X Invitational Regatta (not awarded at LGYC trophy dinner).

2004: Christopher Wean

2005: Jack Murphy



2008: Davis Porter

2009: Ed Cox

2010: Addie Ferguson

2013: Kate Cox, White Bear

2014: Harry Melges, IV, Lake Geneva

2015: Robbie Lindemann, Pewaukee

2016: Parker Michel, Lake Geneva

2017: Meta Simon, Pewaukee

2018: Fritz Simon, Pewaukee

2019: Chapman Petersen, Lake Geneva

2020: Finn Burdick, Lake Geneva

2021: Kamron Kaiser, Pewaukee

2022: Finn Burdick, Lake Geneva

2023: Jack Plummer, Lake Geneva