Williams Bowl 

Presented to the Lake Geneva Yacht Club in 1995 by David B. Williams, as a perpetual trophy for an individual race within the A championship series of the Sonar Class, this is a silver bowl with a filigreed lip mounted on a wooden base. In 2019, the trophy was rededicated to the Women on the Water fleet as a perpetual trophy for their B Series championship. At that time, the bowl was remounted on a larger base. At the request of Mr. Williams, the plaques containing the names of the 1995 – 2011 winners were transferred to the new base.

1995: Bob Winter
1996: John Anderson
1997: John Anderson
1998: John Anderson
1999: John Anderson
2000: David Weinberg
2001: Ron Frankel
2002: Don Holst
2003: Don Holst
2004: John Anderson
2005: Jane Pegel
2006: No Race
2007: Don Holst
2008: Don Holst
2009: Ron Frankel
2010: David Yarmo
2011: David Yarmo
Women on the Water:

2019: Joanna Gerard / Brogan Connel
2020: No Racing
2021: No Racing

2022: No Racing