Chatterbox Trophy

The Chatterbox Trophy is a silver vase that started life as a powerboat trophy, retired from competition, returned to become the MC championship trophy, disappeared, and today is the much-admired prize for the Yacht Club’s annual wooden boat show for the power fleet. In 1913, the trophy was called the High Speed Boat Trophy, and it was won by Commodore Marquette A. Healy at the helm of Mrs. Healy’s 21-foot motorboat Chatterbox. (Marquette Healy was LGYC commodore from 1912 to 1921. He also raced Class A and Class B sailboats and was the winner of the Sheridan Prize in 1912.) In 1985, the trophy appeared in an Illinois garage sale, and its thoughtful buyer returned it to the Yacht Club. In 1986, the Board of Directors named it the Healy Trophy and assigned it to the MC fleet for the season championship, with the understanding that a more appropriate trophy might replace it. That happened in 1992, when Martin and Hilary Ford donated the even older Chalice Cup to the MC fleet. The Healy Trophy was relegated to the basement, but when it surfaced in 2010, the Board of Directors renamed it and designated it as the first-place trophy for the Yacht Club’s annual Wooden Boat Show, the winner to be determined by a special committee. If the Yacht Club has no power fleet event scheduled, the chief race officer may award the trophy to a Yacht Club member performing outstanding service as a spectator boat.


LGYC Powerboat Race

  • 1913 Commodore Marquette A. Healy

Healy Trophy, MC Class

  • 1986 Jim Phillip
  • 1987 Androv Carlson
  • 1988 Jim Phillip
  • 1989 Androv Carlson
  • 1990 John Galley
  • 1991 George Kiefer III
  • 1992 George Kiefer III

Chatterbox Trophy, Power Fleet

  • 2010 Walter Goes, Majen Sawasmo
  • 2011 David Gallagher, Adirondack Guide Boat
  • 2012 Charles and Dianna Colman, Nokomis
  • 2013 Charles and Dianna Colman, Nenemoosha
  • 2014 John and Sharon Larson, Sonny
  • 2015 David and Georganne Brown, Madison Nicole
  • 2016 Tom and Janet Nickols, Wooden Nickols
  • 2017 Andy and Robin Kubicsko, Freedom
  • 2018 Walter Goes, Put Put
  • 2019 Bob and Jean Chanson, Miss Molly
  • 2020 No Contest
  • 2021 Peter Mueller, The Flyer