The E scow is one of the most beautiful, well balanced, and competitive high-performance racers in the lakes and bays of the United States. Many of the world’s best known sailors from the ranks of dinghies to ocean racers name the E scow as one of their all-time favorites. Designed to race with 3-4 people, it has all the modern gear (including spinnakers) to keep the crew working as a team in order to provide the exhilarating ride for which it is known. The class enjoys a strong national organization that, in cooperation with the ILYA, governs its scantlings and other rules.


Fleet Roster 


Fleet Representative: Peter Strothman



Skeleton Krew

White Heat

John Lyon

Harry Melges IV

  I-2 Wide Open Vincent Porter
  I-3 Dirigo W. J. Goes
  I-4 Tick Peter Wall
  I-5 Untamed Paul Lyon
  I-7 Fireball Thomas Freytag
  I-8   Thomas Larimer
  I-9 Rooster Pete Strothman
  I-13 Thumbs Up Bob Youngquist
  I-22 Aquamarine Christopher Gannon
  I-23   Ryan Fitzgerald/Kyle Navin
  I-49 Full Throttle Brian Porter
  I-59 Willy T Colin Rowe
  I-71 Black Point Ken Wruk
  I-88 Cor Leonis Steven Lyon
  I-101 Big Daddy  Scott Ripkey





Big Bad Wolf

Tom Pomierski

David and Frank T. Davenport

Frank A. Davenport

E Scow Trophies